Thursday, August 30, 2007

Evidence that I feed him

So he's a little lean...someone has to be in the 10th percentile, right? These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, right after Charlie got his highchair that we LOVE. I've been trying to cook and puree organic fruits and veggies and although more time consuming than jarred baby food, totally worth it. I keep Earth's Best jarred food on hand for times that I don't have the fresh stuff or if we're on the go. Charlie's favorite foods are:

Rice cereal
Oatmeal cereal
Green beans - loves these fresh from Great Grandpa's garden!

Mother of the year

I knew it would happen. It happens to every kid and for some kids multiple times. I just knew the day would come, but not on my watch. I would be damned if Charlie would ever fall, be dropped or get hurt on my watch. Well, I stand corrected. Charlie fell asleep on our bed as he often does (he loves taking naps on our bed since we have the ceiling fan in there and is more snugly than his crib). I surrounded him with pillows and went out to the kitchen to continue posting things on his blog. I heard a thud and scream and found him face down on our hardwood floor. Oh my god! There's no word to describe how I felt. After many tears from him, more tears from me, a call to KC so I could sob and a small red spot on his head, I determined he was going to be fine. I'm sorry Charlie! You're banished to your crib from now on buddy...sorry!

6 month checkup

Here we go again...another checkup, another brutal round of shots. I can honestly say that this has been the hardest thing about being a new parent. It's heart-wrenching. Those tears..oh my god those tears. I love our Doctors office because they let you have the room as long as you need it, in case you want to nurse your baby to soothe them after the horrible episode. The nurse gave Charlie cute blue camo bandaides, you can see them below in the picture. It gives him the sense that he's been through a battle of sorts. Charlie cried but as soon as I picked him up and gave him kissies, he was fine. He even smiled. So without further ado....

Height: 261/2 in - 50th %
Weight: 15 lbs 3 oz - 10th %
Head Circumference: 441/2 - 50th to 75th %

Do you see the bandaides? So funny.

Damn binkie...he doesn't really need it but it comforts him and mom.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Charlie has been meeting with these little babies since he was 4 months old. Our PEPs group has been great and we've both enjoyed getting to know new people. Charlie's on the far right with Henry next to him. Get a load of Henry. Isn't he adorable? You gotta love the pose.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tripp Trapp

I've been looking for highchairs for the past couple of weeks and had a list of criteria that needed to be met.

Must be compact (with a 980 sq ft house this is a must)
Modern and stylish
Easy to clean
Comfy for little guy
As little plastic as possible

I think I found it! The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. The only set back was the price. Although it was more than I wanted spend, the clincher for me was trying to buy one used from a woman out in Sammamish. She had posted an ad on Craig's List and we gave her a call. She wanted $150 for a tripp trapp that was 3 years old (they retail for $199) and she originally bought it when her daughter was 3 years old and has used it since. 3 years old! We can get tons of mileage out of this thing and it holds it's value too. SOLD! She didn't have the strap that was needed for Charlie to use it, so we went to the local retailer and brought one home. If there's one thing that I've realized about myself since Charlie's been born is that 1) I'm a sucker - what? My child must have this for ____ reason? Sold. 2) I'm a consumer. I like new...I know, I know, it's bad. But I do. So, there.

Charlie loves it...what do you think?


Saturday with Great Grandpa was a blast. We first went to breakfast then off to the Museum of Flight, which was amazing. KC and I have wanted to go for the past year or so but I had no idea how engaging and extraordinary it would be. There were four areas of the museum. The Red Barn, which was Boeing's first factory, the WWI and WWII exhibits, the main room with tons of actual airplanes and the space exhibit. We made it through the Red Barn, WWII and the main room...there was just too little time to see it all and we were there for 5 hours. We need to go back. My favorite part was the WWII room. It was so well done with actual aircraft, clothing, memorabilia donated from families, video diaries and a great area dedicated to women pilots. Fabulous! Charlie of course did great. He hung out in the backpack for most of the time and he and I slipped into the theatre at the museum, when he got hungry.

Sweet Charlie boy.

The guys hanging out by the Concorde.

The Aunties