Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted.

We got up at 6:30 this morning to be at the polls when they opened at 7:00. We woke the little guy and bundled him up for the 10 minute walk to our polling place. A family affair! I've never been so excited and so nervous for an election. This is it people. This is the time that we decide if we want more of the same or if we want something better for ourselves and for our children. I choose something better. I choose Barack Obama. For the last two months or so, Charlie will say "BER-AHK-O-BA-MA" everytime we pass a sign in someones front yard. He's memorized the way Barack's name is spelled and the different symbols on his campaign materials. He'll stop what he's doing if he sees him on the television and say "BER-AHK-O-BA-MA". I need to get this kiddo out more though...the other day we passed a little African American kid and Charlie pointed and said "BER-AHK-O-BA-MA". That made me smile and worry all in the same breath. Differences. Differences are all around us and I'm sick of people saying that they'll "tolerate" differences (which I guess is better than what is going on right now in California). The word tolerate is so negative and superior and I'm tired of it. I say the new word needs to be "embrace". Let's embrace our differences and learn from one another. It's shocking that we may be voting in the first African American President (or god help us, woman vp) but there is a state considering taking away fundamental civil rights from our friends, neighbors, grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles....and on and on. If you have ONE person in your life that you love who is gay you cannot in good conscience vote yes on 8. I'm sorry, but they go hand in hand. You cannot on one hand say that you love someone and then deny them love on the hand. It doesn't work like that people. It doesn't work like that family. Do what is right. Please. We love you Ah-May!

Grumpy Bumblebee

I love Halloween. Definitely number two on the holiday love list. Last year, Charlie was pirate and a very cute one at that if I do say so myself. I procrastinate...always have...to my mother's dismay, I'm afraid I always will. So last year I found myself scrambling around to find a costume for Charlie with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. This year was different. I had a plan. I had a vision. I had the time. So, what did I do? I procrastinated. Yes I did. The weekend before Halloween,Italic Megan and I set out to find his costume. We were going to turn Charlie into CHARLITO! Charles Morgan was going to be a Luchador. A Mexican wrestler. All I needed to find were solid jammies, red brief underware, and red converse high tops. I was then going to make his red cape with "Charlito" on the back and sew him the mask using these instructions. Easy enough and how cool and cute. Well. Out of all the things I couldn't find...Megan and I were not able to locate a pair of solid colored jammies. What the?! Come on...so easy and so ridiculous that we couldn't find them. So...Charlito was finito!

Don't fret...we found a pretty cute outfit. Charlie the Bumblebee. Correction: Charlie the Grumpy Bumblebee. He was totally unamused with the whole thing. The tights, the legwarmers, having to go up to total strangers, not knowing that he could turn his head when the hood of the costume was up. Unamused. KC's parent brought him over to Microsoft to "trick or treat" in the office and he made a big fuss, so we just went home. No trick or treating for this little guy. As soon as he got home, he wanted to put his jammies on and snuggle in, which was just as well.

We had a few friends and family over for Chili and Corn Chowder (thank you Kim!) and had a great time. It was a mello Halloween with very few kids coming to the door. Our neighbor Maddie got locked out of her house (with no shoes on!) and her mom was out with her brother hittin' the hood up for candy. So, she and her friend hung out with Charlie for an hour or so. I should note that Maddie and her brother Michael are two of Charlie's favorite people in the world! Charlie is in love with Maddie and when she babysits, he doesn't even know we're gone. He was thrilled!
Charlie's Grandparents brought corn husks from their farm and Charlie's Great Grandfather carved a "CHARLIE' pumpkin. Look at the picture below. Can you find all the letters?