Friday, September 18, 2009

Charlie's Summer

Oh how guilty I feel for not keeping up with this. Charlie had a fantastic summer. Below are a few pictures to get us up to speed. From most recent and back...

Charlie on his first day of Preschool. He rocked it. He marched into that classroom and barely noticed I was present the entire 2 hours. He adored Teacher Tom of course (you must check out his blog. Who wouldn't love a preschool teacher in a cape!?) and can't wait to go back on Tuesday. You have another new fan Teacher Tom!

We have a couple of die-hard Sounders fan under our roof. We purchased season tickets to the Sounders inaugural year in the MLS and have never regretted it. Charlie has a blast dressing up in his jersey and screaming directions like "don't give it up in the midfield!" and encouragements like "GO Sounders!". He's showing off his autographed jersey below.

Charlie got a new bike this summer. It's a balance bike which doesn't have peddles and allows the child to learn how to use their balance while pushing with their legs to ride the bike. He hasn't yet mastered it but we'll keep trying.

We spent the 4th of July with friends. They have a parade in their neighborhood each year and Charlie (uh, Mama really) had a great time decorating his trike and participating in the parade. At the end of the route, the SFD firetruck was parked and ice cream was served.

A picture of Charlie and Pa hanging out at "Pa's Beach". Too cute.