Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Charlie had his first swim lesson today and did really well. He looked the part in his hawaiian print board shorts and 'little swimmers' diapers. The teacher was a young thing, probably on her summer vacation from the local state school and just itching to get back to her real life on campus with her Gamma Beta Phi Omega Chi sisters. She didn't really tune in much and there was only three of us in the pool. Oh well. Charlie enjoyed himself. Oh yea, I had to get in the pool too. Oh joy. "It's all for the boy, it's all for the boy, it's all for the boy (my mantra as I was walking around "the club" in my bathing suit). "

Black Jesus

I don't know if you noticed but the picture above is not Charlie. It's a picture of black Jesus. I don't know why, but the idea of a black Jesus just makes more sense to me. It fits, it's right. So, if I was a follower of Jesus, he would be black. What does this have to do with Charlie? Well, he said "Jesus" the other day. Our days of expletives like "shit!", "damn!", f***!" and yes, "Jesus!" (sorry jesus...and/or god, we're really bad and take your name in vain ALL the time) are over.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Words that Charlie says

Kitty Cat
Good Girl
Good Boy
Charlie ("yallie")
Hi ("eye")
Bye Bye
Arugala ("roo-ah")
Baba (bottle)
Blank (blanket)
And so many more that escape me....

So proud

It's a warm day and Charlie was enjoying hanging out in his diapers (a rare treat up here in the chilly Northwest). He disappeared for a bit in his room and came back with his converse shoes.

Charlie: "On? On? On?"

Me: "You want these on?"

Charlie: (nod)

Me: "Okay"

He stayed this way until his nap at noon. He's so proud and so am I.

Father's Day in Seattle

Amazing blue skys with little puffy white clouds greeted us in the morning. Charlie and I served KC his protein shake in bed and snuggled in for a bit. We then took him to the Ballard Farmers Market where we picked up fresh veggies, fruit, cheese and meat. After a quick pit stop home, we headed to the kite shop then off to Gas Works Park for a picnic and kite flying. We had a great day with Dada and hope he did too!

Mae Mae - Does the picture below look familiar? Charlie could not stop talking to this group of people sitting in front of us. He was so sure that they wanted to be his best friends. Hilarious.

Father's Day Weekend

The weekend was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. We started the weekend by of course going to the gym then taking a ferry over to Grammy and Grandpa Morgan's farm in Kingston. Charlie hung out with Honeybear (AKA Fabio - pony), Pansy (the miniature donkey), Sunny (horse), Perry (the horse), Dude (dog), Noel (dog), Jake (dog), Perry (the cat), Bahama Mam (cat), Tibedeaux (cat), Autumn (cat) and many many more fun and frisky animals.

After a wonderful walk around the property, visiting the animals, smelling the herbs in the vegetable garden and swinging in the hammock with Grandpa, KC and Ed were off for a golf lesson.

A delicious dinner of grilled oysters on the half shell with homemade tomatillo sauce, jerk chicken and shrimp and fresh fruit followed.

The day went by too fast and we ran for the 9:55 ferry, knowing we would miss it but ecstatic to find that it was running late so we made the boat!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hooker Heels for Newborns

What the hell is wrong with people? This is just wrong.