Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello mounted flat sreen!

I originally posted the below pictures to show my mom that we *finally* mounted the damn flat-screen, after almost a year. My husband has been getting tips from his father on how to best hide the cords, which I believe we'll be threading through the wall and into the closet to the right of the tv - so I think that will be solved soon. Does anyone have suggestions for the room? With Charlie toddling around, we have to keep it a bit sparse. The table with the lamp is actually a nesting table with the smaller of the two temporarily supporting our cable box. I bought the two barrel chairs the day before Charlie was born and loved them at the time, but now think the black laurel print is way too Crate & Barrel - which isn't a surprise because they came from where else but....Crate & Barrel! I blame it on my delirium of being 41+ weeks pregnant. Any suggestions on how to warm up the space, what to use as a coffee table (ottoman?) or how to liven it up would be appreciated. Oh - and I almost the flat-sreen mounted too high?

bye bye round table

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Charlie and Dada

A few shots of Dada and Charlie on the front porch. We had a few days of "warm" weather, so bare feet were in order.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Everytime...okay maybe not everytime, but almost everytime I talk to my Mom, she stresses how much everyone (aka Auntie Sarsh) wants to see more pictures of Charlie on the site. Im bad. I know I'm bad about posting, but the time, people...the time! It's slim. I have a few to share. Enjoy.