Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Haricut

Charlie had is first haircut on Thursday and it went better than I imagined. We headed over to Lil' Klippers in the Wallingford Center for our 3:15 appointment. KC stayed home from work that day so the whole gang was there, Dada, Mama, Auntie Meg and Charlie. Lynette greeted Charlie with a huge smile and reminded me of Go-go (my sister's mother-in-law), sweet, kind and expressive, she talked directly to Charlie and made him so comfortable. He hopped right into that rocket and away he went. No tears, no whining, some fidgeting but not much. The only time you could tell he was a little uneasy was when Lynette started cutting around his ears. He swatted at her hands. As soon as he was finished, you could tell he was a little boy and no longer a baby. We stepped next door to Trophy Cupcakes for a sweet treat afterward.