Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charlie's playground

Charlie's favorite place to be is with his Grammy and Pa on their farm. When we know that he's going on the ferry and over to the farm for the day, we can't tell him until the night before or he will ask every few minutes if he's going to the farm today. Three more night-night's. Two more night-night's. One more night-night...TODAY! They have the most beautiful veggie garden where Charlie has acquired a taste for raw broccoli. He absolutely LOVES raw broccoli now. He gets dirty, he gets tired, he gets tons of love and freedom. It makes KC and I smile when he tells us the stories of the farm and how he hangs out with the dogs, watches birds and picks veggies. If the horses, dogs, cats, donkey, fish, garden and tractors weren't enough, something new came to the farm.

Pa and Grammy called us a few weeks ago to tell us they bought a play structure for Charlie. We had NO idea what this meant until we visited the farm.

I introduce to you, Charlie's very own park and playground. Wow! This kiddo doesn't even know how lucky he has it.

Charlie loves the trac-toys big and small.
Another favorite thing to do while at the farm is to go down to "Pa's beach". This is the community beach in Eglon, where the Grandparents live...not far from the farm. Charlie even got to ride the big tractor down there one day. It's beautiful and Charlie could spend hours throwing rocks.

Thank you Ed and Kim for all you do and all the love you give to Charlie!

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